Shoonya ITM Meditations

'Shoonya 'ITM meditations' is a highly structured meditation programme that is designed to serve the role of an complete healing product that will assist each individual in healing mentally, emotionally, and eventually physically.


Using our Yoga background and ancient 'Alternate healing therapies,' we developed 'Shoonya healing meditations,' with each meditation serving a specific purpose. Each of our meditations functions similarly to a human resource dedicated to a specific task; for example, a meditation designed to relieve stress and anxiety will assist you in reducing stress and anxiety. And the best part is that you can even play special meditations in the background; you don't even have to pay attention to it; as long as the sound reaches your ears, it will help you heal.


How can we be so certain that these meditations miraculously heal people?


According to the data we gathered, during the early trial run of our 'Shoonya healing meditations,' which lasted about 1.5 years (and still continues) with 400+ members , people reported receiving amazing healing benefits after just one listen. For example,


Immediate relief from:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression (mild)

  • Anger issues

  • Mental clutter

  • Emotional imbalance


Aside from the mental benefits, we also witnessed some historic experiences people had with our 'Shoonya healing meditations.'

For example:

  • A participant's four-years-old cervical pain was reduced in 15 minutes and up to 90 percent steady relief was obtained after five such designated sessions.

  • Muscular pain anywhere in the body is relieved instantly (given that pain is not the result of any outer injury).

  • Pain in the lower back caused by inflammation and a pressed nerve was relieved in 15 minutes.

  • Immediate relief from an acute cold.

The best part about Shoonya healing meditations is that we create customised meditations for each individual's needs. It could be for neurological disorders, mental illnesses, social problems, emotional issues, or specific physical ailments.

Shoonya stands on a lineage of ancient Indian vedic and yogic texts, and by utilising the sacred information about Dhyana (meditation) in its original form, as well as the data based on our trials, we can confidently say that Shoonya healing meditations will help you heal faster and more efficiently, with no side effects other than a calm, centred, and clutter free mind and psyche.

To view videos of some of our members' experiences/feedback, click here.