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About Us

A vision for a world with better mental and physical health

Shoonya online is a Yoga and mediation startup founded by Yoga Acharya Umang Vatsal. Shoonya aims to simply the yoga and meditation learnings for masses specially for millennials and GenZ by leveraging inhouse developed tech products.

Our leadership team comes from varied professional background with a combined experience of more than 20+ years in training thousands of people in various forms of Yoga and meditation.

From our interactions with our users, we realized that it is very difficult to meditate in the initial phase and most people tend to give up at this phase. To solve for this, we have followed a first principles approach to design guided meditations by using music and frequency therapy to make it easier for user to embark on their meditation journey. Our long term vision is to impact millions of lives and help them to have a better mental and physical health through yoga and meditation practices.